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Lime log and new Timbery toy.

European Lime (Tilia vulgaris) is a timber loved by hand carvers and when a very nice log turned up in the yard a couple of months ago, I put it to one side with the intention of cutting it up for hand carving projects.

So with a new toytimbery limelog 1 to test out, this seemed an ideal log to check out our Timbery M100 bandsaw mill, as the diameter of the log was at just about the maximum capacity of the mill. In less than an hour the Mill had broken the log down into a number of useful sections. Happy Bunny. 🙂



timbery limelog 2timbery limelog 3timbery limelog 4

Much room

sulphur tuft 1The shelves in the Barn Showroom are a little bare and a popular carved item is almost non-existent so it was with that thought in mind that I experimented with a slightly different way of producing mushrooms. On getting the first example finished I oiled it and, while it was still wet I thought I’d take a photograph. Looks shinier that way.

Having taken the photograph seen here, I then put it on the shelf to try fill some of those gaps. Within half an hour a customer walked in and grabbed it, exclaiming how nice it was, instantly followed by “You’ve just done that, haven’t you?” Yes, her hands were covered in oil. After a little clean-up, she was still determined to have it though, so you’ll have to be happy just looking at the picture. 🙂

Hello world!

Welcome to the new website profiling Quex Wood Products, manufacturers of individually hand crafted timber items from keyfobs to full sized garden furniture, all with that unique quality that can only come from hand crafted work.

Please bookmark the site and come back regularly to find out what is going on.